The Trade in with instant payment that propels your eCommerce

Pay your customer’s traded-in items instantly, and uplift your growth and circularity.

Good for the Planet, Good for your Business,
Good for your Customers

Discover the benefits of the first Win-Win-Win
Trade-in solution in the market.

Become a Circular Company

Propel your trade-in program to increase business circularity and align with ESG requirements.

Uplift Average Order Value by 85%

Increase shopping cart value by offering instant reward in exchange for used items during a new purchase.

Improve conversion by 30%

Engage your online traffic through an incredibly easy-to-use solution to buy cheaper while taking care of the planet.

Upfront payment, No risk

We finance the instant reward without any risk for your retail business.

Increase your brand image

Elevate your sustainable practices to match expectations of new consumers generations.

Expand into the pre-owned market

Increase your business margins and lock-in a massive business opportunity by leveraging on an ever-expanding 2nd hand market.

How it works

Instant reward for your customers.
With No financial risk for your business.

Our seamless integration streamlines your cusomters’ Trade-in process at checkout, while increasing sales.

Offer Trade in

Encourage your consumers to trade-in used items in exchange for an instant reward during a new purchase.

Value the used product

Seamlessly set a valuation estimate remotely to be discounted from the new purchase amount.

Finance the instant reward

Our connected lenders finance the new purchase to the consumer while you get the full value of your sale instantly.

Adjust and settle automatically after product inspection

Once the used product has been inspected by the buyback partner buying it, we orchestrate payout adjustments coming from any differences between the initial valuation estimate and the actual product value.

Much more than a better Trade in experience.

An all-in-one platform bring your trade-in program and business circularity to the next level.

Connect with partners

A single platform to integrate that consolidates your partners in refurbishing, re-commerce, recycling, logistics, and more.

Trade in with Instant payment

Integrate our Trade in solution seamlessly in your eCommerce to offer Trade in with instant payment, with no financial risk.

Monitor performance

Retrieve key information on checkout performance and quantify your Trade-in strategy contribution.


Collect organized data from your circular Trade-in model to analyze and report, following ESG standards and goals.

It's easy to get started

Get your Trade in experience
to the next level 🔥